A Roadside Treasure

A recent visit from a friend gave me the opportunity to show off some of our area’s visual treasures. A designer from New Jersey, she was impressed by the richness of our landscape and vastness of our views. How easily we forget the subtle beauty of our own backyard as we rush through our daily life. We visited the Holy Family Shrine, a short drive from Omaha, off I-80, Exit 432-south on Hwy 31. Follow the signs, it is well worth a visit.

Entrance of the Visitors Center with natural limestone walls, native grasses and Mega-Arbel pavers that replicate the look of flagstone. The entrance is built into a hill, blending into the land, creating a space that does not distract from the main feature.
The beautiful fountain head suspending below the skylight. Water drips from this into the pool below.
View across the mediation pool inside the Visitors Center.
View of the rill outside the Visitors center. During the warm season the rill is filled with water. The rugged nature of the limestone contrasts with the soft fluid nature of the grasses. The stacked stone is reminiscent of sod houses built by the pioneers over a century ago.
A view of the Shrine from a walking path. You can see the 40 foot tall cross behind the building The surrounding area is planted in native grasses and flowers with gravel walking trails weaving across the hillside below.
Detail of the Flying Buttresses