A Study on Color: Red in the Garden

Red is the single most passionate color. It is sometimes associated with anger, but is also associated with love and courage. Infusing it into your garden is easy – as it is one of the most common natural colors.

The most effective framing color for a red-flowered standout is its complement: green. But you can also partner red with silver or white. Silver calms red into good behavior in a border; white offers a crisp contrast to richly colored reds.

Begonias: “She wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls, I knew right away she was not like other girls, other girls.” – Grateful Dead

Scarlet Begonias are indeed one of the best annuals to infuse red into your garden through the summer months. They are very easy to care for and do well in direct sunlight.

Japanese Maple: Japanese maple trees add grace and beauty through the seasons. There is a great variety of these trees to consider, including dwarf Japanese maple, that feature a spectacle of vibrant leaf color.

Sumac: Sumac trees and shrubs are interesting throughout the year. The show begins with large clusters of flowers in spring, followed by attractive, brilliantly colored fall foliage. The bright red clusters of autumn berries often last into winter.

Of course, many trees and shrubs turn red come the autumn months if you can’t commit to red foliage year round.

As always, you can use red colored planters, outdoor furniture cushions, or pillows to bring pops of red into your outdoor living space!