Design Process: Step 2

Conceptual Landscape Plan

Depending upon the size of the project this can take different forms. On a large complex project this would involve a formal plan. For simple plantings this may be a conversation and some lines painted on the lawn. On every project the designer considers the following items when creating the final plan.

  • Site Map is created – Property lines, graphic scale, north arrow, fences and gates
  • Relevant utilities
  • Significant site features – What stays, what goes, water flow, accessibility
  • Layout of major features – Anything big, anything built
  • Planting bed locations and shape – Straight, curved or a combination
  • General plant characteristics – Size, color, seasonal interest, purpose
  • Design Style – What suits the client, the site and the architecture of the house? Style can reflect your personality. Casual. Modern. Transitional. Formal. Unconventional. A mixture. What style suits you best?

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