Integrating Bird Feeders into your Space

We have all heard of Butterfly Gardens, but if you are looking for another chance to bring nature into your backyard, I definitely recommend incorporating bird feeders in your space. You can get decorative ones that not only bring in our feathered friends, but compliment your current landscape design.

You can also find feeders that are sturdy enough to cope with the harsh Nebraska winter weather. Keep reading to learn more about the types of bird feeders and which one will suit your outdoor living style.

Decorative Bird Feeders are the most pretty of the available bird feeders. These can be functional as well as beautiful, but mostly they come ready to accent your garden decor.

Nyjer Seed Feeders are useful when you want to encourage a specific species of birds (for example, goldfinches or siskins.) The small, oil-rich seeds are enjoyable to these birds, but you need a specific kind of feeder.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders are just as described – a perfect fit for yards in Nebraska where those bushy-tailed fiends are abundant. There are lots of varieties, or you can buy a feeder that utilizes a confusing design.

Window Bird Feeders are great if you want to get a closer look at different bird species. These are usually made of clear, shatterproof plastic so that you can see inside. These feeders attach to your window and allow you to observe the birds while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Bird feeders can be both practical and bring you closer to nature. You shouldn’t feel limited to only pick one type or one from this list. Decide the factors that are most important to you and then get a bird feeder that matches those needs.