Design Process: Step 1

Site Review, AKA, the First Meeting

Everything has a beginning and an end. So it goes with design. At the initial meeting with your designer, you both have the chance to share ideas and get acquainted with each other, the process and the property. The following information is reviewed. Filling out the Client Questionnaire can help you prepare.

  • Site inventory – review and list what is existing on the property. Plant material, features good and bad, neighboring properties, soil conditions, problems, assets
  • Client Survey – Who are you, your family, your pets
  • Needs Assessment – What problem(s) will the design solve
  • Design objectives – What are some possible solutions. We brainstorm first to make sure so we are all in agreement on a direction for the project.
  • Budget – For the project and for the design. This is the most important and most avoided part of the process. Without a budget we can’t plan effectively.
  • Taking the next step – Do you proceed to the design phase, think about it or stop now?

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