What is Garden Coaching?

You may have looked at one of our services and thought, “what the heck is garden coaching?”

With Omaha being one of the top regions Googling lawn care tips, we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about this special offering.

Chances are, you or a friend or family member has bought a house and wondered what plants are planted in the flower bed. Or thought about pruning those bushes in the middle of summer. Maybe there is a speedwell that looks dead, but is in fact just taking a nap. How is one to keep it all straight?

Here are the points that our garden coaching sessions cover. We’d be happy to help you get your yard under control and keep it that way!

Plant identification – Are those tulips or lilies coming up in the flower bed? What is the name of that yellow shrub to the left of the garage? We can help you know what you’ve got and how to care for it!

Landscape renovation tips – So you want a tree and you don’t want to plant it yourself, but you’re not sure the spot you picked is the best one. We are happy to come out and either affirm your decision or give you a few alternatives for where to put that Japanese Maple. And we have plenty of subcontractors ready to come dig a hole and plant it!

Hands on demonstrations and training – As most people know, you can split hostas. But do you know how? I’m happy to teach you how to do it without killing your prize-winner.

Problem diagnosis – Maybe your flowers are dying despite the fact that you give them water in the morning and after work. Are they getting enough sun? Too much sun? We’ll help you get to the root of the problem and suggest alternatives.

Seasonal Tasks Calendar – We’ve written blogs on this before. Do you know what you need to do to get your yard ready for winter? We can help you put together your to-do list and even give you dates to have those tasks done by.