Marti Neely and Associates


Morgan Ridge

This project on a large acreage involved renovating a tired pool and outdated patio that was too small, unattractive and blocked the view of the owner’s back acreage. The design intent was to create simple, open and pleasing spaces that respected the views of the land while providing shelter from wind and noise. This also had to be perfect for entertaining and family gatherings.

The patio and deck were enlarged, providing better access to the pool. Two colors and styles of large format concrete pavers were used to define the space and break up large expanses, creating more interest. Saw cut, hand chiseled limestone was used for the retaining walls and steps. Plantings were selected for their seasonal interest and ease of care. We designed a custom built pergola which serves as an architectural feature which provides shelter from the sun and anchors the edge of the space.

Marti Neely and Associates

The steep slope behind the pool was softened by the addition of more than 300 loads of soil and graded into a soft hill that is now easily mowed, walkable and is no longer an erosion problem. Seeded with low growing native grasses it requires minimal care and enabled us to place the 6’ fence, necessary to secure the pool, far enough down slope to not disturb the view of the open field and native tree line. What was once a tiny space of rock and block now has endless view and is ready for relaxation and play

Island Circle Retreat

This contemporary lakefront home started with only a simple concrete slab and a wide expanse lawn. Desiring a place for entertaining this client requested a design that would provide space for entertaining, a covered dining space with an area for cooking and gathering and a pool that would be a focal point in all seasons.

With ample space and a view of the water it was important to create a design that was not only functional but provided a visual statement when viewed from the main floor windows high above the pool level. Using Mirage Porcelain Tile, the hardscape was designed on a grid pattern that required a minimal number of cuts, keeping the pattern undisturbed. We also utilized their invisible drainage system around the pool which kept the pattern of the tile clean and crisp. The custom designed pergola is powder coated aluminum with motorized louvers. It is placed to frame views of the water when seated inside the lower level or on the patio.

Marti Neely and Associates

The landscape beds are composed of very simple blocks of plantings, selected for their texture, seasonal color and ease of care. This project was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2018 Hardscape North America (HNA) national competition.